From: Vogue Italia

When: March 2011

Foto: Tim Walker

From Vogue Italia, March 2011 by Tim Walker.

From Vogue Italia, March 2011 by Tim Walker.

From: Vogue (featuring Małgosia Bela)

When: July 1999

Foto: Steven Meisel

From: Vogue UK

When: April 2013

Foto: Javier Vallhonrat

Anonymous said: Just out of curiosity, are you the one scanning every image that you've added your name at the bottom? If I'm not mistaken, I've seen a number of these scans prior to you starting this tumblr. Not a criticism, I was only wondering why you would tag the images that you did not scan yourself.

I was waiting for this question!

Yes, all of the pictures on GuinScans (Operation: Guinevere) are scanned by me. Some of the pictures are already online elsewhere but when I acquire them I scan them and put them up anyways for those who may not have seen them before. I prefer her older and harder-to-find work but that’s more difficult to obtain. I currently have 1,195 images I have sought, bought, scanned and cleaned up in the GS database.

I began tagging images because I encourage reblogging of my scans but without credit others don’t know where to go to see more of Guinevere’s work and I felt that was a shame.  I try to make the tags as unobtrusive as possible.

I am very excited about an incredibly rare editorial never before seen online that I plan to post either this month or in November, so stay tuned!

Below: a picture of my scanner with a scan in progress and my filing system of her work. :-)